About us

Kunayala Productions is a family business specializing in the creation of artistic, cultural and sporting events, as well as in the production and limited distribution of natural products, namely vegetables.

Through our activity, we wish to be part of a fundamental transition to the evolution of our species that involves gathering individuals around this artistic, cultural, ecological and social dynamic. Energy autonomy is a primary challenge and an important condition for the realization of our events and the production of vegetables.

The creation of events is for us a way of showing, exposing, a panoply of alternatives, a soup of knowledge, of cultures, of means of expression, of perception and education, necessary for the creation of the world of tomorrow. But as it is the body that primarily feeds the soul, what we eat must contribute to spiritual well-being; with Hortalegre we hope to contribute decisively to this.

We want a peaceful, possible and responsible world and we always add love, tolerance, music and healthy food, because it is these elements that make it magical.